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Giang Ta Chai Village

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

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Opposite to Muong Hoa stream, Giang Ta Chai lies silently by a majestic waterfall and was hidden by old trees and bamboo groves. On the narrow path to Giang Ta Chai, visitors have to pass through Muong Hoa stream which flows slowly year by year in Hoang Lien forest. Like other beauty spots in Sapa, here visitors will admire the gorgeous picture of mountains and rice terraced fields.

Giang Ta Chai Village

Colorful traditional customs of Red Dao group

Red Dao is the second biggest group of minority people in Sapa in Vietnam. Coming to the village, tourists will be charmed immediately with the out-standing traditional costumes of the local people; and most of those clothes are made from natural materials. Have an overnight at home stay of local people, you will have chance to experience the life style of Red Dao through their folk songs, traditional dances or their handicrafts.

One of the special occasions of the villgers is Cap Sac and they consider that it is the vital rite to the life of Red Dao men. A Red Dao man is only considered a mutual man until he completed the rites in Cap Sac.

Travel Tips Visiting Giang Ta Chai Village

  1. Travelers can take a trekking route up to the mountain to Su Pan Village, which is not far from Giang Ta Chai.
  2. It is better if you have a tour guide
  3. Wear a hat and good shoes for the trek.