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Sapa Overview Terraced Field of Sapa

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Good Morning Sapa offers a Luxury sleeping buses with 40 berths supported by an excellent sound system with DVD providing you useful documentary of Sapa. You are offered free bottles of water on the bus. With our experienced and thoughtful drivers, you will be safe to discover Sapa with unforgettable experience. Let’s go with “Good Morning Sapa”.


Bus ticket to Sapa: 350.000 VND/ 1 way (similar to 17 USD)

Bus ticket to Sapa: 700.000 VND/ 2 ways (similar to 33 USD)


1 bottle of water, Wifi and transport insurance, English speaking guide

Sapa bus:

Hanoi - Sapa:

Hanoi Pick up: 20 Hang Muoi street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi (Go Asia Travel office) Meeting time is 6.45 AM.

Sapa Drop off: Sapa May Hotel - 139 Thach Son, Sapa ; Arrival time is 12.30 - 13.30 PM.

Sapa - Hanoi:

Sapa Pick up: Sapa May Hotel - 139 Thach Son, Sapa; get-on-bus time is 03.30 PM.

Hanoi Drop off: 20 Hang Muoi street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi (Go Asia Travel office); Arrival time is about 9.00 PM..


How to Book: email to or call to 84 912 53 63 82


Bus Ticket - Good Morning Sapa


Why you should go to Sapa by bus tour with Goodmorningsapa instead of the train?

At this moment, you pay around 40 USD/ 1 way train ticket with soft sleeper and it takes you 1 night with time to wait for transit and it is hard to sleep well on the train. Now the high way is in perfect condition, you just spend 5 hours and half (included 30 minutes rest stop) to Sapa on the most comfortable and modern sleeping bus (with English speaking guide, complimentary water, wifi and transport insurance) and pay around 17 USD/ one way/person. Moreover, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape on the countryside or mountain city that you cannot do anything with the night train. More importantly, you will save time and money to spend on more trips.

To Book our package tour:

 Good Morning Sapa Bus

Sleeper Bus to Sapa


Good Morning Sapa Bus

 Sleeper Bus to Sapa


Good Morning Sapa Bus

Sleeper Bus to Sapa